The Truth About Fast Diets


I know tons of girls that are always on some new diet. I don’t blame them, though, because every time I open the magazine I can read a plan for at least one new diet that promises amazing results in just 2 weeks or less. Getting a perfect body in such a short time may sound ideal, diet pills with best results so ideal that you are ready to give up everything in that time just to achieve what you want. The sad truth is, however, that no real progress can be made with such a drastic move. The scale usually shows some progress, diet pills with the best results but it’s not as nearly as the promised one, and the results last very short. I know many people get really disappointed after that, extreme weight loss pills but never stopped trying out new diets hoping that they will work.


You see, with fast diets you have to drastically lower your calories intake. That means you basically eat fruits and vegetables while fats, carbohydrates and proteins are either totally restricted or their intake is limited to a very small amount. Eating like this can make you lose a few pounds but in long term it does nothing good. Carbohydrates and proteins are main energy sources and without them you will feel tired and weak. Drastic reduction of calories intake can trick the body and make it quickly lose a few pounds, but then the defense mechanism is activated.

You see, the body protect itself from a major weight loss by depositing all calories it can so when you change your eating habits so drastically, your metabolism slows down and your body is trying to keep the little calories it receives. At this point you don’t really lose any weight- just water and muscles. These diets are very low in nutrients so maintaining this eating plan can seriously endanger your health and looks.


The best thing you can get out of this is to look a little bit slimmer for a celebration and get your outfit to fit you better. But since the results last very short, petty soon you will be right back where you started. For longer lasting results eating habits should be changed slowly along with the lifestyle.

Healthy diet should include balanced meals with vitamins, good fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Off course, if you just follow the diet and don’t exercise at all you will probably have a lot of sagging skin. That’s why exercise must become a part of your daily activities.


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